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Personal Injury Law Firms: Best Car Accident and Motorcycle Accident Lawyers


It is really hard to face a car accident or motorcycle accident because of the serious injuries it may cause, and at worst cases death on the part of the victim. It is a tragedy that the victim and his family face with loss of income, resulting to disability and psychological suffering. Consulting a legal advice from a car accident or motorcycle attorney will help you protect your rights and your best interests to help you get the maximum compensation benefit for recovery compensation for all your losses. The types of car accidents include negligence, manufacturer's liability, road design and wrongful death. Road maintenance or faulty construction of road design can cause car or motorcycle accidents. A defective car part or poor vehicle performance for manufacturer's liability predisposes also to a car or motorcycle accident.


The most common economic damages that are usually awarded to a victim of a car or motorcycle accident may include medical expenses, future medical expenses, lost wages and lost of earning capacity. Medical expenses include hospitalization, consultation, emergency treatment and surgery, usage of assistive devices and future doctor appointments. A car or motorcycle accident results to inability to go to work, and thus it is a lost of income, and even if the victim is unemployed, his earning potential is restricted or stopped, so he can still file for lost wages claim. You should read this: http://www.ehow.com/info_7920327_difference-between-aggravated-dui-dui.html.


There are also non-economic damages or non-monetary losses which are harder to quantify. These are compensation for financial burden causing pain and suffering, mental anguish, lost of consortium and punitive damages. Loss of consortium include loss of maternal benefits for spouses of an injured victim such as sexual relations, companionship, comfort and affection. On the other hand, examples for mental anguish or emotional pain include nervousness, grief, fright, worry and other types of emotional trauma.


Car accident attorney Cheshire specializing in automobile accident cases handle reckless driving,side-impact collisions,  rear-end collisions, sideswiped collisions, rollovers, head-on collisions, drunk driving or driving under the influence of alcohol or drug, and multiple party accidents. It is crucial to consult a car accident attorney immediately because there is a limited window in filing a claim, and the success of a legal claim will highly depend in your lawyer's ability to collect evidence, interpret it and presentation of the evidence in court.


As you know, all insurance company want to minimize the  compensation payout you may obtain from a car or motorcycle accident, so it is important that you provide complete information so your lawyer from personal injury attorney Cheshire can help you get the maximum compensation for your case, and it may result to a court trial proceeding.